waschmaschine gruppe portrait in berlin

The Waschmaschine Gruppe – Füsun Ipek and Liptay Bálint – modify the functionality of the objects they found on the street. No sooner had they arrived in Basel, than they started to work with this process of finding objects, researching and transforming them into artworks. While establishing a new life in Switzerland, they easily bound a connection between the gratis-found objects or subjects and their impressions of the new surroundings. That’s how they show change and alteration, liminality and transition state through artworks, including all abstractions of familiarity and farewell, conquests and rebellion.

design works: click the link

brand: Balkantango – recycled bicycle inner tube wallets & accessories

home: Basel, Istanbul, Budapest, Berlin

language: German, English, Hungarian, Turkish, French

email: hello@waschmaschinegruppe.com